Totally Mold vouchers is a local voucher scheme to help encourage people to shop local / use local services and look at what Mold has to offer before taking your custom outside of the town.   Vouchers will be available in £5 denominations and can be spent in one or more of the 88 participating businesses in Mold. 

Many participating businesses will also be offering you special ‘Voucher Only’ offers so you can get even more for your money!!

Totally Mold voucher scheme is organised and managed by Mold Town Council and was launched in response to the massive unprecedented challenges that Coronavirus is having on the fabric of our Town and Community. No fee or cost is being passed onto the participating businesses and businesses accepting the vouchers will receive full reimbursement of the value of the vouchers from Mold Town Council. 

Totally Mold Vouchers are no longer available to buy but they can still be spent and are valid until

31st August 2022.